Short Comics

Submitted by nallem on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 12:39

Here you'll find comics that are only one or two pages long at most.

  • Climbing movement

Title in the middle: Shows I Would Watch.
1. Days of Our Lives. (So you fucked with them without me. Did you even use a safe word?) (We should talk more about the rules of our relationship.) (Do we really always have to?). BDSM-polyamorous relationships as soap opera.
2. The News (Coppers are friendly with nazis because they're nazi pigs as well) (And next: Should we bring down the government now or right away?) A poor anarchist trans woman as news anchor.
3. Nature Shows (Mens' need to make themselves pretty is disguised as homo erotic fetishizing of muscles.) (In this episode we will look at what challenges muscles pose to manhood). A professor of Queer Studies doing documentaries about the world of normal people.
4. Strömsö. (Roast beef is wonderful on winter evenings, but because 'Meat is murder', we will make a vegan version!) A vegan show how it's done.