Submitted by nallem on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 11:29

I haven't had time to for drawing anything lately. I've been working on my master's thesis and haven't had energy to think of stories. So it was a great joy to come up with an idea and actually finish drawing it. Maybe it shows in the story.

About the story: my secret dream is to draw sci fi stories. Maybe because I grew up on adventure comics, with Akira, Tintin, Bamse Nalle and also kung fu movies having an influence just like Krazy Kats, Art Spiegelman, Moebius, Jodorowsky and Kurosawa movies with their black and white world.

[The library is closing in 15 minutes] - And I still haven't found anything to read!

- I wonder what this is?

- an private eye .. ends up as a political scapegoat ... flees on an airship... exciting. Hmm.. the living dead show up? Why does everything need zombies?

- Well, I still have time to find a book. - But I think I'll go for sci fi.


- I remember this one. The cover promises a grand story with climate change bringing a flood that destroys major cities, which are then over run by jungle. But a boring main character really ruined it.

- A lot of familiar books. - That was the one where..!

A planet, far far away, a group is stranded there and think that they need to breed to keep the human race going. The main character runs away from the group leader and his breeding plans.

(going from upper right, down left)

[Earlier] - We are humanity's last hope! We must keep the species going at any and all cost. The need to procreate is our duty to the human race. - What a shit idea!

[and so] THE LEADER

- The human race can mate without me, for all I care.

- I got away! I hope this city doesn't have more of those "last hopes for humanity".

- This was a funny book.

- Dear customers, the library is closing in 5 minutes!  - I need to hurry!

- Night is coming, I must find shelter.

- What should I take..? - Hmm... Idoru. Sounds interesting somehow.

- Who are you? - Idoru.

- May I come up there Idoru?  -  Of course.

- Why are you here alone?  - My owner died, I must take care of her home.   - But the Great Flood was years ago!


- The Owner gave clear instructions, I haven't seen anyone in ages...    -   Well, I command you to be free, you can do what you like.

- May I stay the night here, Idoru?   - Of course.

- I hope this is a good story.